Publicis Groupe acquired Sapient in 2015.

Publicis Groupe is a French global advertising giant. It acquired Sapient in 2015. Eventually, it also acquired subsidiaries of Sapient — SapientNitro, Sapient Global Markets, Sapient Consulting, etc. to become Publicis Sapient. …

Publicis Sapient is a great company.

It has an outstanding work culture and environment. The salary is always on time. No matter — if there’s a public holiday, a weekend or something else, the salary always gets credited on 30th or 31st or whichever is the last working day of…

Publicis Sapient is not a start-up. In fact, it’s a complete opposite. Publicis Sapient is a multinational company with more than 50 offices across the world. It’s also a publicly-listed company, with headquarters in America. So, Publicis Sapient is much more than what a start-up can be. What’s more, Publicis…

Apurva Singh

I am a Senior Consultant at Publicis Sapient. Follow my blog to know more:

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