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When I am reading company reviews, I have read many times about the work culture, how work culture of Publicis Sapient is good. But, I did not have clarity on why work culture matters to us as employees in remote working. So, in this blog, I will explain work culture in detail, its benefits for us as employees and give Publicis Sapient employee feedback as well.

Why Remote Work Culture matters to employees?

1. Since the global pandemic has forced organization wide remote working for almost a year, I myself felt disconnected from my colleagues and organization on many occasions during initial months.

2. Building bonds and conversations are bit slow for new joiners

3. Team collaboration and camaraderie are not same as before.

4. Feeling of ownership and belonging in organization have been shaken up during prolonged remote working.

5. Sometimes, I feel disconnected as there are no team outings or face to face conversations anymore. I feel that my daily ritual of getting dressed and working in office has somehow been distorted.

I was reading recently, that above issues felt by me formed a part of remote work culture.

How Publicis Sapient maintains Remote Work Culture and reduced employees’ issues?

So, I had experienced some of the issues of remote working myself. But, my organization Publicis Sapient deployed some of the practices which made me realize what remote work culture should be. Some of those methods are:

1. Video “On” in conference calls and meetings — We have daily Scrum meetings, in which it is required that all team members have Video on always. This helps in better connection with teammates.

2. Technology to connect people efficiently — Publicis Sapient has invested in the latest tools and apps which help in easy work collaboration and faster connections. When all tools and apps are integrated through Single Sign On (SSO), I feel that remote working is not that bad after all. My teammates can see changes I am making in code real time and we can work without being on call every minute.

3. Increased automation and redundancy removal — We use a variety of tools and processes which keep our work organized. With the help of tools, some of the mundane repetitive tasks can be avoided. We use collaboration tools for work tracking such as Jira, with helps everyone in team know other person’s work priorities and bandwidth. To update about our work progress, we simply need to update portal, no need to send separate emails and maintain records.

4. Workplace Wellness Sessions — Publicis Sapient often organizes sessions on mental health and workplace issues for its employees, so that we can maintain our sanity. I found some of these sessions particularly helpful. Feedback is also taken to analyze response.

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